Saturday, 6 April 2013

Blogger Profile

Hi all,
I have seen a few comment about blogger and the things below. I have copied this from a friend's post and hope it helps. I haven't tried it yet but Donna (Ellis) seems to know what she's talking about!! She's also got some blog candy to give away for April!!

Many people dislike Google Plus because they have lost their Blogger Profile, making it more difficult for people to locate their blog via the comment name which was established with blogger.

To reestablish blogger, click here to revert back to Blogger Profile:

Some people had to do a few extra steps:

Then Use the link below
This will led you to a page where it will ask to "Change the Blogger Profile Display name" Change the name & Press "Continue To Blogger". The name will be changed. Again go to link [1] & check that your Blogger Profile Name is Changed.

I hope this helps anyone who is unhappy with google plus profile, and wants their Blogger profile back.

Hope this helps and works.
Wendy xx

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Donna Ellis said...

You are the sweetest FP sister, Wendy! Thank you very much. I sure do hope it helps a lot of people. Some folks claim that after 30 days you cannot switch back. Hopefully, that is not true. Now, to browse your blog to see what you have been up to, Wendy. hugs, de