Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Jo Austin

Hi everyone,

Thank you to the lovely Jo Austin, designer for Docrafts, who has helped me add a name to my photographs.

I asked her the other day how she did it. After two and a half days, I have managed to fathom it out, granted not using Photoshop as Jo does or Gimp as used by her daughter but by using Paint and Publisher.

I didn't have Photoshop and was a bit wary about downloading a freebie from the internet as we have enough trouble with our computer without adding problems. The software that came with the camera was Fine Pix so I tried using that, it would let me do it but encountered a problem, couldn't find a solution and closed down before I could save it- every time!!!

I then found a programme on our cd shelf from Serif - Photoplus, so installed that. The same thing happened again. We didn't know why this kept happening, but my husband thought it might be because it hadn't installed properly. So I decided to uninstall it. Then tried to reinstall it, but it wouldn't and kept coming up with another error message - something to do with basic filters. So I decided to ditch that.

I went on Serif website to see if they had any free downloads for Photoplus and found one. Tried to download but ended up with different search engines and toolbars and a slow computer - maybe coincidence re slow computer but it happened. Still no luck. By the time my husband came home from work and asked how my day had been, I burst into tears. Not only because of this - one of my neighbours had passed away and I was upset.

He sorted the search engine and toolbars out and I managed to download the programme. By this time I had had enough and went to bed.

This morning, I tried to add my text to the photo, I eventually managed it but it saved it as a spp file???and wouldn't upload to my blog. By this time, Jo had suggested Gimp as used by her daughter but when I tried to download it, it was going to take a hour. I therefore tried to do it using Word and Paint - no luck. Then I had a brainwave and tried Publisher and Paint to save it as a jpeg file. Eureka, I did it!!

Here's the proof.

Thanks Jo, I owe you.
Jo's blog is craftychitchat.blogspot.com if you'd like to take a look at her cards.

Happy crafting everyone,