Monday, 22 October 2012

Twisted double easel story card

Hi everyone,

Here is today's card. This is a card I made, encouraged by my son. He had seen another story book card that I had made and suggested that I make another. This is a more simple version.

It is from the Magical Christmas Moments CD Rom from Cupcakecrafting. As can be seen, on one easel is an image from the Cd and on the other is a story about the image - made up by yours truly.

The short story is as follows.

A Donkey’s Tale

Donkey leaned over the rickety wooden fence and told his story to the young puppies.

“I was grazing in the field near to the house with the other donkeys, when Joseph, my master, came outside. He started to inspect each donkey in turn. He came over to me and checked my legs, my hooves and my back. He was mumbling something about the Roman Emperor wanting everyone to return to their home town to be counted, so that he could find out how many people lived in his empire.

I was chosen out of the other donkeys to travel with Joseph and his wife, Mary, who was expecting a baby.

We travelled many miles here to Bethlehem. There were many more people travelling here too. When we arrived, the inns were full. Luckily, a kind innkeeper took pity on us and let Mary and Joseph stay in the stable next to his inn.

While we were there, Mary’s special baby was born. They called him Jesus. He has had many visitors and many gifts.”
I hope you like it.
Please pop over again soon.