Sunday, 13 January 2013

Happy Birthday, Audrey

Hi everyone,

This is a card that I made for my next door neighbour's birthday using the Touch of Elegance CD Rom from Cupcakecrafting.

First, I took an A4 piece of white card, scored it at halfway and then scored one of the halves in half again to make an easel card. I matted and layered the bottom of the card, where the verse would be with black card and then a piece of the backing paper from the Cd. I did the same with the easel part that was facing me.

I took one of the toppers and matted and layered this onto black card and then onto a piece of the backing paper placed on black card. I then placed this in a portrait position on the easel part of the card.

For the stopper, I used a box that I made with card that I had printed the backing paper from the Cd and filled this with tealights. I used the Hougie Board to score the lines for the candle box. I used 3 vanilla scented tealights and 2 red berry scented tealights, all from Wilkinsons. The  berry ones complimented the red flower on the bottom corner of the card and also the red in the image. The centres of the flowers which I had, didn't match the card, so I cut out 3 circles, the same size as the centres that came with the flowers. I put 'Dries Clear' adhesive on the circles and covered this with Pee Wee glitter (red/black from Happy Holidays).I then placed the flowers on the box, one at the left hand side and the other two on the right hand side.

I put a verse inside to finish it off.

I hope she likes it.

The Touch of Elegance CD Rom is on the 4 day deal on Create and Craft from Monday 14th January.
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     Tuesday 9am, 4pm
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     Thursday 11am, 5pm

See you later.